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Highlight Features
1. Convert files to professional-quality searchable PDF format from any Windows application that supports printing.
2. More Clear Font than other PDF software.
3. Simple and convenient user operations. Pick up file name from printer stream automatically, and then set as default output Document name.
4. Create you own PDF Document Description (Title, Author, Subject, Keywords ...).
5. 40 / 128 bits PDF encryption (security) support.
6. PDF Version 1.2 - 1.5 support.
7. PDF Document Restriction (Permission) support.
8. PDF Document Owner Password and Reader Password support.
9. PDF Optimization options support.
10. PDF content, resolution and image compression support.
11. Font embedding support.
12. Unicode Support.
13. Show conversion progress.

How to use
1. Open a document from a Windows application (MSWord, Excel, Access, Internet Explorer, MS Wordpad, AcdSee etc.)
2. Print the document as you normally do but select the "ActMask Document Converter" printer.
3. Enter PDF file name you want create when you are prompted.
4. You can click the "Advanced Settings" button to set attributes of PDF file.
5. Click "Save" button to create the PDF file.
6. A notice windows will popup when task ends. You can click it to view file created simply.

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